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Cornelius Planke, an underemployed P.I., finds himself looking for the killer of a young Developed heifer and wades into an underworld peopled by Neo-Carnivores, the Meat Mafia, bovine Salvationists, Skullhead scientists, dezoe actors, and rebel Euro-Domestics who are fighting for the rights of undeveloped ungulates in the colonies. Along the way, he falls for the seductive Dween, a Developed ewe. Trapped in a web of deceit, lies, and untold dangers, Planke soon realizes that the present caper may cost him his life.

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Best of All Possible Worlds

Two brothers living opposite lives meet in one final, dangerous confrontation on  high seas.

Revised edition coming soon

on Run Amok Books

Best of All Possible Worlds begins with the return of Candide to find his beloved tutor, Pangloss, destitute and abandoned on the streets of Leyden, South Holland. The story then follows two brothers, Jakob and Robrecht Onderdonk, leading antithetical lives. Jakob is on a quest to abandon his life as a sailor for a more edifying life on land. In contrast, Robrecht is determined to fully embrace a sinful life at sea. Like Candide before it, Best of All Possible Worlds explores, with a comic air of irreverence and a witty dose of the absurd, the universal problem of evil in a world created by a perfect God.